Born and raised in Maryland, home of steamed blue crabs and Old Bay Seasoning, I pursued higher education as an undergraduate at the University of Rochester and as a post-graduate in the Creative Writing Program at the University of Houston.

Though a natural-born techie (having successfully dismantled most of my toys at an early age and written my first computer program on a Commodore Pet when I was seven), I ended up studying English Literature as an undergrad and Creative Writing in Poetry as a graduate student. My poetry has been published in rags such as the Paris Review and Western Humanities Review, and I taught English to college freshman at the University of Houston before acquiescing to my true calling in computers.

In addition to working on wireless/handheld software and a couple internet startups, I worked for Microsoft Corporation for several years where I did cryptography and software engineering tools for Windows 2000. After Microsoft, I moved to New York and stumbled into financial services. For several years I worked at Ellington Management Group, a hedge fund specializing in mortgage-backed securities, where, among other things, I helped to develop a 256-way computing cluster that evaluated prepayment models. After Ellington, I joined covert hedge fund extraordinaire, Bridgewater Associates, where I developed distributed trade generation and portfolio optimization systems.

I currently work at Lab49, a boutique software development consulting firm that leverages the latest and greatest in technology and delivers sharp custom applications for Tier One financial services clients.

And, yes, before you ask, I’m aware that there is a clothing designer named Marc Jacobs. My wife, ironically, wears his eau de parfum. My namesake doesn’t benefit me much – after all, he has prevented me from getting my domain name of choice – but I did once get bumped to first class when a flight attendant read my name on a flight manifest and hoped I was the other Marc Jacobs. Sorry for him, great for me.

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