From ACM Queue:

PeakStream Founder and CTO Matthew Papakipos explains how the PeakStream Virtual Machine provides automatic parallelization of programs written in C/C++ so that developers can focus on their application logic — and not the intricate details of parallelizing the application — and ultimately improve the performance of HPC applications when running on multi-core processors.

Matt is a friend of a friend, and I spoke with him several months ago about his company and their premier product, PeakStream Platform. PeakStream provides enabling technologies that allow developers to more quickly take advantage of general-purpose computation on graphical hardware (also known as GPGPU). Current NVIDIA and ATI graphics cards have incredible power to perform certain types of mathematically intensive calculations in a streaming, data-parallel fashion; however, taking advantage of that power requires some deep programmer sophistication. While efforts such as HLSL, Cg, CUDA, and CTM have made GPGPU programming more accessible, a cursory look at the documentation for these technologies proves that it still isn’t anywhere near easy.

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