Speaking at the Microsoft Financial Services Developer Conference

4 Mar 2008

Just wanted to give a heads-up that I’ll be speaking at the 6th Annual Microsoft Financial Services Developer Conference next week in New York. Here’s the abstract:

Distributed Caches: A Developer’s Guide to Unleashing Your Data in High-Performance Applications

With the advent of high-performance computing, application developers have begun to deliver computation on a massive scale by distributing it across multiple processors and machines. While distributed computing has given performance-critical applications more processor headroom, it has also shifted attention to previously latent bottlenecks: the storage, replication, and transmission of application data. The scalable power of compute grids is ultimately bound to the data grids that feed them. Without data caching and dissemination tools like distributed caches, it can be difficult to fully leverage a high-performance computing solution like Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008 in data-intensive financial services applications.

In this talk, Lab49 will present a developer-centric guide to distributed caches, including what services they provide, how they function, how they affect application performance, and how they can be integrated into an application architecture. Lab49 will present test data showing the impact of several different caching strategies (such as compression and data segmentation) on distributed cache performance and will also demonstrate a methodology for testing distributed cache functionality. Lab49 will also discuss other application considerations as well, such as object naming conventions, notifications, and read-through/write-through to an underlying persistent data store.

Lab49 will also showing off some cool work we’ve done for Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008 product team in the area of computational finance. Ssssh.

Lastly, we’ll be announcing the winner of the Lab49 WPF in Finance Innovation Contest. Somebody is going to take home some really cool prizes. Note that if you have been working on your submission (or you are still toying with the idea), the deadline for submissions has been extended to March 10, 2008. Just enough time to add some extra XAML bling.

Look forward to seeing you there!


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