Steve Ballmer and Me

8 Jun 2007

Stevan Vidich, Industry Architect for the Microsoft Financial Services Group, recently sent me a link to Wall Street & Technology‘s Low Latency Resource Center. If you follow the link and look in the upper-right corner, you’ll find a recent video of Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, doing a Q&A with some financial services journalists. Right at the beginning, Steve mentions me and cites a paper that I delivered to financial industry executives on January 16, 2007 at a Microsoft High-Performance Computing in Financial Services event that Steve chaired. I was still working at Bridgewater Associates at the time, and my goal for the paper was to convince Microsoft about the pervasive necessity of high-performance computing in finance that permeates everything we do, not just algorithmic trading.

Though it may not be fifteen minutes of fame (in fact, it’s barely fifteen seconds), it’s reassuring to know that words can indeed have such influence.

Over the next week or so, I’ll break that paper up into smaller, more digestible pieces and post it here.

[Updated 2007-06-08 4:10pm EST]

It looks like the Wall Street & Technology site is having some problems and isn’t rendering the video. I’ve reproduced it here for your viewing pleasure:

[Updated 2007-06-10 9:15am EST]

Well, the Low Latency Resource Center has completely disappeared from the Wall Street & Technology website. I have no idea why they pulled it, but fortunately I was able to preserve the video.

[Updated 2007-06-10 10:00am EST]

I got the skinny from Vitali Zhulkovsky, the nice webmaster over at CMP. Apparently the Low Latency Resource Center was still an internal work-in-progress, and the Ballmer video was just a placeholder. The official location for the Steve Ballmer video is “Microsoft’s HPC Offering Ready for Wall Street, Ballmer Says”.


One Response to “Steve Ballmer and Me”

  1. Dan Ciruli Says:

    Super cool. Congrats!

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